Vineyards and Orchard

We work on the differential characteristics of each agricultural field, especially fruit orchards and vineyards, on order to improve yields and reduce management costs. From our operating philosophy, we believe that the enhancement of local fauna and flora can play a key role in solving many of the problems that affect agricultural fields.

The changes we propose to regenerate native species will help us to stabilize crops, reducing costs in phytosanitary products and cooperating in the protection of the biodiversity of the area.

Work we carry out:

  • Integral pest control, mainly Lobesia Botrana and Empoasca Vitis.
  • Management of the fauna and flora of conventionally or ecologically managed crop fields.
  • Generation and integration of Mosaic Landscape and Global Biodiversity.
  • Elimination of invasive exotic fauna.
  • Generation of GIS maps for landscape tourism.
  • Development of the SDGs 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals 2030), especially SDG 15 and, complementarily, SDGs 13, 11, 6, 3, 17.