Golf Fields

The main objective we set ourselves when we start managing a golf course is to stabilize the ecosystem. This basic objective, which encompasses all our work within the golf course, is implemented with the maximum possible biodiversity, an essential point to achieve proper functioning.

Through this increases in biodiversity and the improvements made in environmental and landscape management, we will manage to reduce management costs and times, pest control and, in short, create playing areas that are more resistant to climatic or economic changes. At the same time, we will make progress in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 15.

The other pillar around which our philosophy revolves is the training and advice of Greenkeepers as a basic point to face these changes together.

Work we carry out:

  • Audits and consultancy.
  • Training for Greenkeepers in Environmental Management of Golf Courses and in the integral structuring of Annual Actions in Landscaping and Biodiversity: where, when and how to act.
  • Improvement of environmental and landscape qualities.
  • Generation of global biodiversity within the course.
  • Integral control of pests, mosquitoes, moles.
  • Promotion of key species for proper functioning of the golf ecosystem.
  • Restoration of degraded ecosystems: wetlands, grasslands, forest and bush areas.
  • Inclusion in the Green Network and Biological Connectors of the territory.
  • Removal of invasive exotic fauna.
  • Visualisation of online maps.
  • Development of SDG 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals 2030), especially SDG 15 and, in addition, SDG 14, 13, 11, 6, 3, 9, 12, 17.