Gardens and urban parks

Private estates are increasingly in the hands of owners who are not rooted in the rural world. This fact means that, in many cases, new owners do not know how to manage the different types of their rural or forest land, nor how to solve the typical problems of this management. At the same time, by ensuring good management of these spaces, we can greatly promote the biodiversity of the entire estate and favour its management, its development, the emotional and social well-being of the owners and, of course, contribute to the global biodiversity of the territory.

Work we carry out:

  • Creation of functional living gardens (fauna and flora).
  • Creation of food gardening.
  • Advice on urban horticulture.
  • Creation of a functional mosaic landscape.
  • Generation of microhabitats for different species.
  • Increase of local biodiversity and its use. Installation of different nesting boxes for birds and bats. Generation of refuge areas, breeding areas and reproduction areas for different mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects.
  • Restoration of degraded habitats.
  • Pest control/regulation using local fauna, landscaping.
  • Removal of invasive exotic fauna.
  • We offer content for the labelling of the fauna and flora of the area.
  • Development of SDG 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals 2030), especially SDG 15 and, incidentally, SDG 13, 11, 6, 3, 17.